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Rachel Hardy
Owner & Creator of Panda's Playtime

My name is Rachel and I am a mummy of two small children. Having my children changed my outlook of life causing me to rethink the job I was in and start a new journey putting my passion and enthusiasm into creating Panda's Playtime.


I took my two children to a variety of different baby and toddler classes. It was such a joy to watch my children experience, explore, grow and develop throughout these classes and to watch their faces light up with the different props, songs and actions these classes used.


The classes helped both of my children gain confidence and be at ease with social interactions as they continued to grow. Not only did these groups give an abundance of benefits to my children, they were also a huge benefit to me. Having a space to talk to other parents and carers throughout these groups was invaluable. I gained lifelong friends through the baby groups I attended and wanted to give this same opportunity to other adults when attending Panda's Playtime.

DBS Checked.

A Star of Panda's Playtime

My name is Panda. I have been by Rachel's side since she was a baby and have watched her grow into a mother. 

Me and Rachel have had many adventures and I have loved having playtime with her and her two children. I'm excited that my playtime can carry on in our classes and to get to know lots of new faces.

Soft, cuddly and excellent with children

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